The vagina has a natural protective layer that acts as a defence mechanism against pathogens and infections. This protective layer is acid in nature, which means that the intimate zone’s fluctuates between pH 3.8 and 4.5.

Not having a correct intimate hygiene or using a regular shower gel can cause an imbalance in the vaginal flora. Soaps have an alkaline pH that unbalances the natural (acid) pH of our intimate zone causing discomfort and irritation.It is therefore important to use specific products with a low pH, and lactic acid.


Lactovit Intimate Gel contains natural extracts and Lactic Acid to respect the physiological balance of the intimate parts.

  • In addition to being one of the best moisturisers, Lactic Acid is crucial in the protection of our intimate zone since it maintains a low pH in the vagina, and thus preserves its acidic protective layer.
  • The chamomile extract, with its soothing properties, is responsible for calming possible irritations and soothing the intimate area.